IPDS print operator commands

InfoPrint Manager offers a comprehensive set of operator commands that can be used to manage printing on IPDS printers. These commands can be used to help manage printing priorities and also help by providing the operator with functions that are useful when dealing with problems that can occur in the printing system. This table describes several of the most commonly used operator tasks, and their corresponding commands. For more information, see the RICOH InfoPrint Manager: Reference.

  Task Description InfoPrint Manager Command Syntax
1 Disable Stop a printer from receiving new jobs. pddisable -cd dest where dest specifies either a logical or an actual destination (printer) object.
2 Enable Allow a printer to receive new jobs. pdenable -cd dest where dest specifies either a logical or an actual destination (printer) object.
3 Query active job Query which job is actively printing on a printer
Note: The query response is based on the last set of station counters obtained from the printer, which is printing pages continuously. To get an absolutely accurate query you must:
  • Pause the printer (7)
  • Issue the query
  • Resume the printer (11).
pdls -f "destination-name-requested==ldest && current-job-state==printing" server: where server specifies the InfoPrintAIX server to which the job was submitted, and destspecifies the actual destination (physical printer).
4 Query page number Query the page number of the currently printing page. See Note after (3). pdls -cj -r current-page-printing jobid where jobid specifies the job-identifier attribute. we recommend using the global ID, which follows the convention server:0123456789 where server specifies the name of the InfoPrintAIX server to which this job was submitted and 0123456789 indicates a 10-digit numeric value assigned by the InfoPrint spooler. You can determine the job-identifier attribute value by specifying: pdls -cj server:
5 Query job details Query the number of copies, sheets and pages stacked for a job. See Note after (3). pdls -cj -r "job-copies-completed media-sheets-completed pages-completed" jobid where jobi