IPDS error recovery

When driving an IPDS printer, InfoPrint Manager sends page and resource data to the printer. The printer reports status and errors back to InfoPrint Manager. The printer status information is in the form of station counters representing progress of pages sent to the device through the printer microcode and the physical printing mechanism. Station counters report the number of pages and the number of copies of pages proceeding through each point in the printer.

InfoPrint Manager requests printer status information (an acknowledgement request) after sending each job. The acknowledgement response contains the latest values of all the printer station counters. Once all pending jobs have been processed, InfoPrint Manager polls the printer periodically until all the pages of each job have been stacked.

The actual destination object ack-interval attribute is configurable and defines how often InfoPrint Manager requests updated station counters from the printer while processing a particular job. The value for this attribute is specified in terms of pages and can be from 1 to 9999; the default value is 100 pages. For a 360 page job, an ack-interval setting of 100 pages means that InfoPrint Manager will send an acknowledgement request to the printer after sending pages 100, 200, 300, and 360.

The printer responds to an acknowledgement request and returns station counters when all of the pages up to that point have been processed. This does not necessarily mean that all of those pages have printed or are stacked. The acknowledgement response