Setting up PCL tray mappings

Follow these steps to map the input trays requested in the AFP data stream to the input trays on your PCL printer:
  1. Determine the AFP bin number and PCL bin number for each input tray. Default bin mappings shows the default bin numbers associated with some standard names for input trays.
    Note: You can use any tray names you wish, but these names are defined by the PCL data stream and are the most common names. For more information about the limitations of trays and paper with a PSF other-driver or PSF command DSS see the psf-tray-characteristics attribute in the RICOH InfoPrint Manager: Reference.

    Default bin mappings

    Input tray name AFP bin number PCL bin number
    alternate 3 5
    bottom 2 4
    envelope 65 6
    manual 100 2
    top 1 1

    If these mappings are not appropriate for your printer, reverse the process described in Determining bin mappings. In this case, the AFP bin number is the bin number in the data stream and the PCL tray number is the bin number used by the printer. Note that AFP bin numbers must be unique, but different AFP bin numbers can map to the same PCL tray number.

  2. Open the InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI.
  3. Click the printer that you want to set up trays on.
  4. From the Media/Bins/Trays tab of the Actual Destination Properties notebook, in the Media ready table, select Add to define a new tray or Modify to change an existing one. You can define up to 15 trays.
  5. Complete these fields:
    Input bin number
    This field specifies the AFP bin number.
    Media ready
    This field shows the medium loaded in the input tray. The drop-down list lets you select from all media supported by the printer.
    Input tray name
    This field shows the name associated with the input tray. Standard names for PCL input trays are:
    • alternate
    • envelope
    • lower
    • manual
    • upper
    Formerly, these were the only names allowed. You can now use any name you like, subject to these restrictions:
    • Manual trays must have the string manual somewhere in the name, in any combination of upper and lowercase, for example, transparentMANUALa4. You can define multiple manual trays.
    • Envelope trays must have the string envelope somewhere in the name, in any combination of upper and lowercase, for example, Number10Envelope. You can define multiple envelope trays.
    Tray number
    This field specifies the PCL bin number.
    This field specifies whether two-sided printing is possible from this input tray.