Working with error logs

To disable an error log, issue this command:
pddisable -c log servername:default_error

To start using an error, issue this command:

pdenable -c log servername:default_error

To stop an error.log from wrapping, you can do one of two things:

  • Issue this pdset command from the command line:
    pdset -c loc -x log-wrap=false servername:default_error
  • Copy /usr/lpp/pd/bin/spl_error.cfg to /var/pd/spl_error.cfg and change log-wrap=true to log-wrap=false.
  1. Changes made to the spl_error.cfg file are persistent across runs, that is starts and stops of the pdserver, but changes made with pdset are not persistent.
  2. These changes can also be made on the spl_trace.cfg trace logs. The trace object is called default_trace. Enabling the InfoPrint Manager tracing mechanism might impact the server performance. Enable it only at the request of a Service Representative.