Submitting multiple-document jobs

You can use staging to print jobs that contain multiple documents. In this case, you stage an entire directory. The InfoPrint Manager logical destination prints the documents as one job, in the order that you copied the files into the directory.
  1. Create a subdirectory in the hot folder called jobname.stg, where jobname is any name you choose. The .stg extension prevents InfoPrint from processing the directory.
  2. Copy the documents you want to print into the subdirectory in the same order that you want to print them.
    Note: If you copy multiple files in a single operation, they might not be copied in the same order that you selected them. If the print order matters, copy the files one at a time.
  3. To override the default attributes, create an attributes file called jobname.att, where jobname is the same as the subdirectory name, and copy it into the hot folder.
  4. Rename the subdirectory from jobname.stg to jobname. InfoPrint then submits all the files in the subdirectory as a single job.