Sending a job using Download for z/OS

You have created an AFP document using a page layout application and are using Download for z/OS to send it to the InfoPrint 5000.

Download for z/OS automatically sends data from the job entry subsystem (JES) spool to remote systems using TCP/IP. This eliminates the need for manual print file transfer using File Transfer Protocol. A cooperating print server running on a remote system receives the data sets for printing with InfoPrint Manager for Linux. For most jobs, you can use the same job control language (JCL) that you would use for non-AFP printers, changing only the MVS routing information to direct your job to the InfoPrint 5000.

Note: You can use InfoPrint's Page Printer Formatting Aid (PPFA) to create form definitions and page definitions when creating the data stream. See the RICOH Software Information Center at for information about how to use PPFA.

If you are using Download for z/OS to submit jobs to the printer, see "Using JCL for Advanced Function Presentation" and "Printing Tasks and Examples" in the Print Services Facility for z/OS: User's Guide for specific printing tasks and examples. You can also see Print Services Facility for z/OS: Download for z/OS for more information.