Specifies the format in which ACIF saves IM1 image data in the output document. IM1 images can be saved as they are in the input file or converted to uncompressed Image Object Content Architecture (IOCA) images.

Most printers support both IM1 and IOCA image formats, but IM1 images cannot be rotated or rescaled correctly at different printer resolutions. Print servers convert IM1 images to uncompressed IOCA when the IM1 image resolution differs from the actual printer resolution. Because ACIF does not know what printer the output might be printed on, by default it converts IM1 images to uncompressed IOCA.

Because uncompressed IOCA images are often greater in size than the original IM1 images, printer performance can be slower. If you have problems with printer performance, specify IMAGEOUT=ASIS so the IM1 images are not converted to IOCA. Also, if you are using the VSE operating system, specify IMAGEOUT=ASIS to avoid out-of-storage conditions.


The values are:

Specifies that ACIF produce all IM1 image data in the same format as in the input file. Use this value when you are archiving or viewing images, for better printer performance.
Specifies that ACIF produce all IM1 image data in uncompressed IOCA format.
If IMAGEOUT is not specified, ACIF uses IOCA as the default.