Planning for a printer network connection

You might want to create a separate network of printers with higher bandwidth connectivity. In this case, you must configure an additional network adapter on each InfoPrint Manager server system that controls printers on the independent printer network. Use this worksheet to assist in this configuration. For additional information about setting up a separate printer network, see “Using Multiple Network Adapter Cards” in the RICOH InfoPrint Manager for Windows: Procedures.

Printer Network TCP/IP configuration worksheet

Control Panel Prompt Description Value
Adapter The physical card used to connect this system to the printer network. An appropriate driver for this card might need to be added.  
IP Address A dotted-decimal address (for example, statically assigned to this system on the printer network. Required for printer network participation.  
Subnet Mask A dotted-decimal number (for example, indicating which part of the IP address identifies the network and which part identifies the system. Required for printer network participation.  
Default Gateway The printer network should not require communication with another network. All communication with the printers is mediated by InfoPrint Manager. none