Creating actual destinations

For help in selecting the type of actual destination to create, see Understanding Destination Support Systems (DSS).

The InfoPrint Manager Administration and InfoPrint Manager Operations Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) are applications that let you easily manage your InfoPrint objects. Both GUIs are installed with the InfoPrint Manager server and can also be installed on remote systems that use the Windows operating systems.

The printer driven by InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI provides wizards to help you create several types of actual destinations to be driven by InfoPrint Manager. The wizard also provides support for creating InfoPrint gateways, which allow users to submit jobs to InfoPrint Manager even if they do not have InfoPrint Select installed.

This chapter assumes that you have started the InfoPrint Manager interfaces and you are comfortable using them. See InfoPrint Manager User Interfaces for information about the tasks you can perform with the InfoPrint Manager interfaces.