Preparing to reinstall

At some point, you might need to reinstall InfoPrint Manager. You might be upgrading to a new version or reinstalling the current version because of a problem. Try to install without uninstalling first, so that your configuration information is not lost. If that does not work, uninstall and reinstall using the same installation directory. When you do, the objects you created will still exist, but any post-installation configuration, especially in multi-server environments, will probably be lost.

  1. You must have Administrative Privilege to install or uninstall InfoPrint Manager for Windows. If you try to uninstall the product without administrative privilege, this message is issued:
    Setup Installation Error: Setup has detected Uninstallshield is 
    in use, please close Uninstallshield and 
    restart setup (Error 432).

    A similar message is issued at install if you do not have administrative privilege.

  2. You must use the same user ID to reinstall InfoPrint Manager for Windows as was used to install it initially.
  3. Be sure to close the InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI, the InfoPrint Manager Operations GUI, and the InfoPrint Manager Management Console before installing any service update or reinstalling InfoPrint Manager to avoid problems with files that need to be replaced.