Synchronizing InfoPrint Manager with an InfoPrint 4000 or an InfoPrint 4100

The cutter-trimmer-stacker (CTS) is a post-processing device used with high speed printers for paper handling. Perform this procedure with the help of your InfoPrint service engineer (SE) to make sure that your InfoPrint 4000 or InfoPrint 4100 and the CTS support the same media.
  1. Use either InfoPrint Manager GUI to specify the media that the actual destination representing the InfoPrint 4000 or the InfoPrint 4100 supports.
    1. Open the InfoPrint Manager GUI.
    2. Click the InfoPrint 4000 or InfoPrint 4100 printer object in the tree window to select it.
    3. Select Printer → Change Media to open the Change Media dialog.
    4. Associate each tray with an appropriate media. Click Help for more information.
  2. On the printer, define forms that correspond to the media you specified in the previous step. Consider the settings in this table as an example:
    Medium Name Printer_Form Name Printing_Form Description
    letter na letter 2–up letter (8.5 by 11)
    legal na legal 2–up legal (8.5 by 14)
    ledger ledger 1–up (11 by 17)
  3. Set up the CTS for the dimensions required by the supported media. For example, to support ledger-sized paper, set up the CTS for an 11–inch cut width and a 14–inch cut length. The CTS can support a limited set of cut lengths and only one center slitting option.