Copying the sample exit

To customize the sample Exit, you should not change the sample itself, because if you ever need to reinstall InfoPrint Manager, all of your changes will be lost. Instead, copy the fileset into a directory outside of the directory that you have InfoPrint Manager installed in and make your changes to that version.
Note: You must have access to Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 to customize the Exit.

To complete the process:

  1. Log on to the system that your InfoPrint Manager server is installed on.
  2. Decide which directory you would like to store your new exit in or create a new one for it.
  3. Navigate to the <install path>\exits\mvsd directory, where <install path> is the directory that you installed InfoPrint Manager in, using Windows Explorer or the My Computer icon.

    You will see four files.

  4. Copy these files you want to modify into the directory you selected or created in step two.
  5. Open the copy of the project and make your changes.
  6. Save and compile the Exit.
    Note: By default, the sample Exit builds a Debug compile version of the Exit. The pre-installed executable version of the sample (mvsdsubm.exe) is a Release version. You can change the Active Configuration of the mvsdsubm project to build the Release version of the Exit.

Changes to custom scripts/exits are only required if any of these new functions are desired:

  • AFP Download Plus multiple data set
  • Support for the pdpr retry count and retry interval
  • Displaying the AFP Download Plus page count on the Admin/Operator GUI
  • Printing/discarding AFP Download Plus failed jobs
  • Using inline resources with MVS Download multiple data set
  • Support for separator pages with AFP Download Plus multiple data set
  • Using any of the Error Processing Options

If none of these functions are used, the existing custom scripts can be used.

See the current sample script/exit provided and the sample script/exit that your custom script/exit is based on to determine the changes. From this, you will identify the proper approach for updating and testing your custom script/exit.