Understanding and using the MVS Download destination control file

The MVS Download Destination Control File (DCF) is a flat text file that consists of Control Statements, blank lines, and comments. Each line has a maximum length of 1023 bytes. Tabs are treated as blank spaces.

Note: If you change the DCF, the changes will not become active until you stop and restart the receivers that use that DCF.

The DCF maps the MVS keywords and parameters it receives from the host to the pdpr –x and –p attributes and parameters. The supplied MVS Download Exit uses pdpr to submit jobs to the target destination. To modify any of the other pdpr options, you must change the Exit Routine.

The sample DCF that comes with InfoPrint Manager is set to perform the mappings listed in Mappings in the Sample DCF.

Note: This table only lists the Mapping statements in the sample DCF. It does not reflect the Default statements and Global statements that are set.

Mappings in the Sample DCF

mvs_definition InfoPrint Attribute and Value for MVS Download InfoPrint Attribute and Value for AFP Download Plus
ACCOUNT account-text account-text
ADDRESS1 address1-text address1-text
ADDRESS2 address2-text address2-text
ADDRESS3 address3-text address3-text
ADDRESS4 address4-text address4-text
BUILDING building-text building-text
CC=NO carriage-control-type=none ignored
CC=YES ignored ignored
CCTYPE=ANSI carriage-control-type=ansi-ebcdic ignored
CCTYPE=MACHINE carriage-control-type=machine ignored
CCTYPE=ASCII carriage-control-type=ansi-ascii ignored
CHARS chars ignored
CLASS printer-pass-through=-opa=class printer-pass-through=-opa=class
COPIES copy-count results-profile
DATACK=UNBLOCK data-fidelity-problem-reported=all data-fidelity-problem-reported=all
DATACK=BLOCK data-fidelity-problem-reported=none data-fidelity-problem-reported=none
DATACK=BLKPOS data-fidelity-problem-reported=character data-fidelity-problem-reported=character
DATACK=BLKCHAR data-fidelity-problem-reported=position data-fidelity-problem-reported=position
DATATYPE=AFP Not applicable document-format=modca-p
DATATYPE=LINE document-format=line-data Not applicable
DEPT department-text department-text
DEST target-destination-name and target-destination-name and
  printer-pass-through=-opa=destination printer-pass-through=-opa=destination
DUPLEX=NO sides=1 sides=1
DUPLEX=NO plex=simplex plex=simplex
DUPLEX=NORMAL sides=2 sides=2
DUPLEX=NORMAL plex=simplex plex=simplex
DUPLEX=TUMBLE sides=2 sides=2
DUPLEX=TUMBLE plex=tumble plex=tumble
FCB page-definition ignored
FILEFORMAT=RECORD new-line-option=counted-4-octet-aligned ignored
FILEFORMAT=STREAM new-line-option=lf or cr-and-lf ignored
FILETYPE ignored ignored
FORMDEF form-definition form-definition
FORMLENGTH form-length=nnnn.nnn form-length=nnnn.nnn
FORMS printer-pass-through=-opa=forms printer-pass-through=-opa=forms
INTRAY printer-pass-through=-obin printer-pass-through=-obin
IPADDR printer-pass-through=-opa=ipaddr printer-pass-through=-opa=ipaddr
JOBID printer-pass-through=-opa=jobid printer-pass-through=-opa=jobid
JOBNAME job-name and job-name and
  job-owner job-owner
NAME name-text name-text
NODEID node-id-text node-id-text
OFFSETXB x-image-shift-back x-image-shift-back
OFFSETXF x-image-shift x-image-shift
OFFSETYB y-image-shift-back y-image-shift-back
OFFSETYF y-image-shift y-image-shift
OUTBIN output-bin output-bin
OVERLAYB overlay-back overlay-back
OVERLAYF overlay-front overlay-front
PAGECNT job-page-count job-page-count
PAGEDEF page-definition ignored
PRMODE=SOSI1 shift-out-shift-in=one ignored
PRMODE=SOSI2 shift-out-shift-in=two ignored
PRMODE=SOSI3 shift-out-shift-in=three ignored
PRMODE=[anything else] ignored ignored
PROGRAMMER programmer-text programmer-text
PRTQUEUE printer-pass-through=-oprtqueue printer-pass-through=-oprtqueue
RESFMT=P240 font-resolution=P240 font-resolution=P240
RESFMT=P300 font-resolution=P300 font-resolution=P300
ROOM room-text room-text
SEGMENTID printer-pass-through=-opa=segmentid printer-pass-through=-opa=segmentid
SHEETCNT ignored ignored
SYSOUT printer-pass-through=-opa=class printer-pass-through=-opa=class
TITLE title-text title-text
TRC table-characters-reference ignored
UCS chars ignored
USERID user-id-text user-id-text