Specifies the location where object container setup files and resources are stored. Object container resources contain non-OCA data objects, such as color mapping tables (CMT), Encapsulated PostScript (EPS), microfilm setup files, Portable Document Format (PDF) objects, and TIFF images.

Specifies the directories in which object container files are stored.

The value is:

Any valid search path. You must use a colon (:) in AIX or a semicolon (;) in Windows to separate multiple paths. ACIF searches the paths in the order in which they are specified. For example, \acif\resources is searched first in the following path list:
Note: The total number of all characters in the string of path names cannot exceed 4095 bytes.

For information about how InfoPrint Manager selects resources, see Selecting resources or InfoPrint Manager: Reference, S550-1052.

For information about how Ricoh ProcessDirector selects resources, see the RICOH Software Information Center at https://help.ricohsoftware.com/swinfocenter.