Finding documents by scanning barcodes

You can search for documents in the Documents portlet using barcodes. This method is useful if the document has been printed and a barcode on the document contains properties that identify the document.


  • The administrator must first create a barcode format object that describes the layout of the job and document properties in the barcode. The properties contained in the barcode format must be defined as database properties, not limited properties.
  • You can find documents only if they are in the RICOH ProcessDirector database. A step, such as WriteDocumentsToDatabase, that updates the database with document property values must have run in your workflow for the document search function to work.
  • When searching for documents, results are displayed for all locations regardless of any location preferences that you or the administrator has set.

To find documents by scanning barcodes:
  1. In the Documents portlet on the Main page, click By barcode scan.
  2. Click the Edit () button.
  3. Select a barcode format from the Barcode format list.
  4. Click in the Scan barcodes field and scan the barcodes for the documents you want to find.
  5. Click OK.
  6. To find more documents, repeat these steps.
    • Each new search clears the table and only the results from the most recent search are displayed.