Input files

Input files are the data files that are sent to the RICOH ProcessDirector input devices defined for the installation. Input files include the files that contain job data as well as trigger files, list files, and other files that might be submitted with the data files. You can group input files into batches to submit them as a job.
Note: Do not use these characters in the file names for input files: " ' ; < = > \ ` | ~ !

If RICOH ProcessDirector finds any of these characters in a file name for an input file, it removes the character and renames the file. For example, if you submit an input file with the name COPIES=3;DRAFT.pdf, RICOH ProcessDirector removes the characters that are not allowed and renames the file COPIES3DRAFT.pdf.

In addition, when RICOH ProcessDirector processes control files (such as list files), it removes the disallowed characters from the file names listed in the control file before it looks for the corresponding file.