Product overview

RICOH ProcessDirector is a print manufacturing system architecture that lets you manage all aspects of your printing processes. Whether your printing environment is small, with a single printer, or large, with many printers, RICOH ProcessDirector can grow as your business needs grow.

The modular design of RICOH ProcessDirector provides flexibility, while the comprehensive user interface provides consistency in how you manage all aspects of your printing environment:

  • The open framework of RICOH ProcessDirector lets you make the most of your existing software investment. You can use third-party programs, or create your own command-line programs and incorporate them in your RICOH ProcessDirector processing tasks.
  • RICOH ProcessDirector provides seamless connections to your sources of data. You can copy or move files into hot folders and configure RICOH ProcessDirector so that it continually monitors those directories, then automatically creates and processes jobs. You can submit jobs using the LPD protocol from anywhere in your network, and have RICOH ProcessDirector automatically process those jobs. If you have the AFP Support feature installed, you can send jobs from a z/OS host using Download for z/OS or AFP Download Plus.
  • RICOH ProcessDirector accepts jobs in various data streams and can send them to a wide variety of printers from different vendors.
  • The extensive RICOH ProcessDirector database includes detailed audit information about your printing workload and tasks, and lets you manage your business more efficiently. RICOH ProcessDirector uses IBM DB2 technology for database management.

RICOH ProcessDirector runs as a Web application, so you can access it from a browser running on any Microsoft Windows or Linux computer on your network. You do not need to install RICOH ProcessDirector on those computers, only on the primary computer.