Media substitution

You can use media mapping to change the media that a job requests. Media mappings are specific for each printer.

You might need to substitute media in a variety of situations:

  • If a customer submits jobs that request a system media named Letter, your cut sheet printers have printer media named 8.5x11, you can create a mapping for each printer that links the Letter system media with the 8.5x11 printer media.
  • If the two printer models in your environment report different names or property values for the same media, you can create mappings for each printer so that RICOH ProcessDirector sends the correct media information to each one.

    For example, if Printer 1 reports Printer1Red as the printer media name when it is loaded in a tray, and Printer 2 reports the same media as Printer2Red, you create mappings from Printer1Red and Printer2Red to the Red system media. Any job requesting Red media can print on either printer.