Installing features

After you install RICOH ProcessDirector or RICOH ProcessDirector Subscription, you can add features at any time.
You install most features using the Feature Manager, available on the Administration tab.

The RICOH Transform features cannot be installed using the Feature Manager.

  • All features are installed in trial mode. To continue using a feature after the trial period, you purchase the feature and install a license key for it.

    To see whether a feature is running in trial mode and how many days remain for each feature in trial mode, go to the Licenses page of the Administration tab and look at the License state column.

  • The maintenance license for RICOH ProcessDirector includes maintenance for features. They do not have separate maintenance licenses.
  • Licenses for the RICOH ProcessDirector Subscription base product and its features expire when the base product subscription period is over.
  • If you intend to install the AFP Support feature, we recommend that you install it before or at the same time as your other features. If you install features that process documents (such as Archive) before you install AFP Support, RICOH ProcessDirector does not install the AFP versions of sample workflows supplied with those features.
  • The PDF Document Support feature has a two-part installation process. You install the RICOH ProcessDirector components on the primary computer using the Feature Manager. You install RICOH ProcessDirector Plug-in for Adobe Acrobat on a computer with Adobe Acrobat Pro installed.
    • On each Windows system that connects to the shared directory, you must edit the C:\aiw\aiw1\bin\mountaiwdata_sample.bat file. Make any necessary changes to the file and save it as C:\aiw\aiw1\bin\mountDrives.bat to map the shared directory as a network drive whenever RICOH ProcessDirector starts.
  • When you install RICOH ProcessDirector, some configuration files in C:\aiw\aiw1\control_files\external programs are used by both the RICOH Transform and the Advanced Transform features. However, the Advanced Transform features supply a different sample version of the xform.cfg. That sample file includes parameters that are only used by the Advanced Transform features.

    After you install the Advanced Transforms, you must make those parameters available. Find the xform.cfg installed by the Advanced Transform features in C:\aiw\aiw1\samples\control_files\external programs. Compare it to the one installed by the base product in C:\aiw\aiw1\control_files\external programs. Manually merge any changes from the sample file into the base product file.

    If you are upgrading to a newer version, update the xform.cfg file as well as the profiles installed in C:\aiw\aiw1\cpt\profiles, such as