Finding jobs ready to load on an inserter

To find jobs that are ready to be loaded on an inserter that a specific inserter controller manages, you can display all active jobs for that inserter controller. Then, you can sort the jobs to find those that are ready to load on an inserter.
To find jobs that are ready to load on an inserter:
  1. In the Inserter Controllers portlet on the Main page, find the inserter controller with active jobs in it.
    If the inserter controller that you are looking for is not in the list, you might be looking at only your favorite inserter controller. Click the blue star in the Inserter Controllers tab to see all the inserter controllers.
  2. Right-click the inserter controller and select Show Jobs.
  3. In the Jobs table that opens, click the heading of the Current step column to sort the jobs by the current step.
    To see the Current step column, you might need to edit the columns to add a column for the Current step property.

    Jobs that are ready to be loaded are in a step based on the InsertJobs step template and in the Waiting state or in the Manual, working state.