Updating custom document properties

Whenever you define new custom document properties or name custom document properties in more than one language, you update custom document properties to make your changes available to RICOH ProcessDirector.
Before doing this task, verify that the syntax in the docCustomDefinitions.xml file is correct.
To update custom document properties:
  1. Log in to the primary server as the RICOH ProcessDirector system user.
    • For Linux/AIX, aiw1 is the default.
    • For Windows, log in to the Administrator account.
  2. Open a command line.
  3. Change directories.
    • For Linux/AIX, use cd /aiw/aiw1/bin.
    • For Windows, use cd C:\aiw\aiw1\bin.
  4. Enter this command to run the utility:
    The Custom Document Properties feature EPK file is created and available in the Feature Manager.
  5. Close the command line.
  6. Log in to RICOH ProcessDirector.
  7. Click the Administration tab.
  8. In the left pane, click UtilitiesFeatures.
  9. Select the check box for the Custom Document Properties feature.
  10. In the Available versions column for each feature, select the version of the feature you want to install.
  11. Click Install.
  12. Review the information in the confirmation window, then click OK to continue.
    The features are installed, then RICOH ProcessDirector is restarted to finish the install process.
  13. Click DISMISS to close the Feature Manager browser tab.
  14. Check that your new document properties are defined on the system:
    1. Log in to RICOH ProcessDirector.
    2. In the Documents portlet on the Main page, click By property.
    3. Click the Edit () button.
    4. Scroll through the Property list to see if it includes your new properties.

If you have the PDF Document Support feature installed and you change document property names in RICOH ProcessDirector, load a new document properties list into RICOH ProcessDirector Plug-in for Adobe Acrobat.

If you have the AFP Support feature installed and you change document property names in RICOH ProcessDirector, access RICOH Visual Workbench from the RICOH ProcessDirector user interface. New document properties are loaded to RICOH Visual Workbench when it opens on your workstation.