Creating index tags from NOP records

You can create index tags from No Operation (NOP) records.

NOP records can be found anywhere in a page group–either on a page in the page group or outside the logical AFP pages. You can create index tags for NOP records that are in the same position in all page groups, but outside a page, or you can create index tags for specific NOP records that are in any location in the page groups–on a page or outside a page.

A NOP record causes an application to move to the next instruction for processing without taking any other action. Some applications put information about individual documents in NOP records so that the information is not printed, but it can be worked with. Though NOP records in the AFP file are not viewable or printable, you can create index tags from them as long as they are associated with a page group or a page in a page group.

To create index tags from page group NOPs:
  1. In AFP Visual Environment, open a sample AFP file. Then click Mode AFP Indexer.
  2. If the AFP file does not contain page groups, create page groups.
  3. Click Tools Index Tools Create Indexes from NOPs.

    You see the Select NOP by String window. This option lets you use selection criteria to search for NOP records in any location in the page groups and create index tags from the specified NOP record. Do these:

    1. Optional: If the text in the NOP record does not look correct, click ASCII to change the NOP encoding; EBCDIC is the default.
    2. From the drop-down list, view the NOPs available for selection.
    3. Type a string in the Search String field to identify the NOP you want to use to create an index tag. The field is case-sensitive. For example, if you want to index a NOP record that contains an account number, specify a string of characters that uniquely identify the NOP record.
    4. Select a number in the Select first character position field until the NOP record you want is displayed in the Matching NOP field.
    5. Click OK. You see the Create Index Tag window with the NOP text to index in the Edited value field.

  4. Create the index tag:
    1. Type a descriptive name for the index tag in the Index tag name field.
    2. Optional: To edit the text value and select part of the text as the index tag, click Edit index value. Edit the index value in the Edit Value window and click OK.
  5. Click OK.
    In the bottom pane, you see the index tag listed if the NOP record is on a page in the page group.
  6. Optional: To create additional index tags, repeat the steps.
  7. If an index tag is incorrect, click Tools Modify Definitions to modify or delete the tag.
    The NOP index tag is listed under Page Group Definition Page Group Indexes NOP Index tags.