AFP2PDF Plus Transform Command

To run the AFP2PDF Plus Transform, you can use 2 options:

  • Command line process

    For Windows: afp2pdf.bat

    For Unix:

  • Server process

    For Windows: afp2pdf.exe

    For Unix: afp2pdf

    • This option must be used for the server version of the transform. Make sure that the server is running.

To start the server process from command line, use:

For Windows: StartAFP2PDFServer.bat
For Unix:
  • To start a background process, use nohup & for Unix or start /b StartAFP2PDFServer.bat for Windows.
  • If you do not start the server as a background process, do not close the command prompt window. To submit jobs to the server, open another command prompt window.
  • If you see this error message, the server process may not be running: Error: cannot connect to host localhost on port number 6512

For more information, see the chapter Using the AFP2PDF Plus Transform from the AFP2PDF Plus Transform User's Guide.