Initial Setup

No installation process is required when using the AFP2PDF Plus Transform for the first time.

  1. Create a directory of your choice, such as:
    For Windows.
    For Unix.
  2. Copy and unzip afp2pdf_plus_vxxx_WIN.ZIP (for Windows) or uncompress and unpack afp2pdf_plus_vxxx_yyy.tar.gz (for Unix) into the new directory.
    • If you are on a Unix system, use gzip -d afp2pdf_plus_vxxx_yyy.tar.gz to create an afp2pdf_plus_vxxx_yyy.tar file, then unpack the file.

See the chapter Installing AFP2PDF Plus Transform on a Windows Server or Installing AFP2PDF Plus Transform on a UNIX Server from the AFP2PDF Plus Transform User's Guide, for more details.