Tips for Resources

To optimize the performance of your AFP color printing system, we recommend that you follow some guidelines for managing color resources.

You can use AFP Resource Installer to:

  • Install all the CMRs for your printer in a resource library.
  • Install the data objects that you use frequently in a resource library.
  • Mark the CMRs and data objects that are reused regularly as non-private, capturable resources so they can be saved on the printer and used for other print jobs without being downloaded every time.
    • This option is not advisable for secure resources, such as signature files.
  • Install CMRs and data objects in resource libraries that the print server can access, so they only need to be stored in one place and can be used by all print servers.
  • Associate audit color conversion CMRs with data objects that require color management, so the embedded profiles can be removed from the image files.