General considerations

The current chapter contains the results of InfoPrint Manager performance testing. The tests meant to determine how the system reacts in terms of responsiveness and stability under a particular workload.

You must consider the requirements for an InfoPrint Manager system as a total entity. Remember that the product is dependent on the hardware configuration to process the workload accordingly.

Consider these areas:

  • Processor capacity

  • Application requirements

  • Anticipated growth requirements

  • I/O slot requirements (HDD, network, bus, etc.)

  • System memory

The application related factors that affect performance are:

  • Number of jobs
  • Average job size
  • Number of pdservers
  • Number of queues
  • Number of actual destinations that are printing jobs at any given moment
  • Actual destinations types (PSF, AIX, CUPS)

The following graphic is valid for any InfoPrint Manager usage type:

The memory usage related to the number of jobs on AIX

The memory usage related to the number of jobs on Linux