InfoPrint Manager server (/var/pd)

Each pdserver has a directory where it stores its data. The PDBASE environment variable defines the parent directory for all the pdserver's directories. It is usually set to /var/pd, so you will most likely find a given server's data in the /var/pd/ServerName directory. The data includes command processor data, spooler data, supervisor data, and shared data.

Shared general data incudes error and trace logs for the pdserver although the spooler and supervisor parts make most of the error log entries; the command processor part rarely makes error log entries.

Command processor data includes:

  • The local to global job id mapping table
  • Copies of print files submitted through the command processor

Spooler/Supervisor data includes the print data base (pdb) for the spooler and supervisor parts of the pdserver where information is maintained about the objects in the pdserver, so the pdserver can be shut down and restarted without loss of those objects.

Supervisor only data includes copies of files pulled from command processor on other machines for processing and files generated by the transforms and actual destinations contained in this pdserver.

The main InfoPrint Manager server items to consider for file system space are:

  • Print database
  • Server logs
  • Print files
  • Files generated by InfoPrint Manager ripping and printing.