PSF (/var/psf)

Each machine has a directory where it stores the data for PSF. This data is used by the PSF DSS actual destinations in all the pdservers running on that machine. There are several directories under /var/psf when a system is initially installed. Each of the xxx2afp transforms has a directory under /var/psf (apped, gif2afp, jpeg2afp, pcl2afp, pdf2afp, ps2afp, and tiff2afp). In addition to these, there are the /var/psf/segments and /var/psf/seglist directories. Each time you create a PSF DSS printer, another directory with the name of the actual destination is added under /var/psf. The printer directories contain the printer profile and a file identifying the pdserver associated with the printer, the printer error log, the trace log, and several printer status files and printer information files. All of the files, except for the profile and its server file, are created by PSF when it is running. So, if you look in the /var/psf/printername directory just after creating a PSF DSS actual destination, you will see only the printer profile and its server file. After PSF has tried to start (successfully or unsuccessfully), you will see many more files in the printer directory.