Mapping the AFP font to the embedded Type 1 font

Usually, the embedded Type 1 font name is specified in the alias.fnt font mapping configuration file.
Under the FONT section, a font name and font metric file name are specified for the font:


Defines the name by which this font is known and is referred to by the other font configuration files of the transform. For example, Custom1.
Specifies the name of the font, such as CustFont. This name is case-sensitive and must match the file name of the PFB/PFM files.
Specifies the file name for the font metric information. If it is set to NULL, it indicates that extra font metric information is not used.

In this example, if the AFP font is mapped to Custom1, the Type 1 font, CustFont, is embedded inside the output PDF file and the appropriate text uses this font for the display: