Managing resources with Download for z/OS

When you use the Download for z/OS function, all print resources must reside on the AIX system where the InfoPrint Manager server is installed. You can manage these resources in one of these ways:

  • Download these resources to InfoPrint Manager through a standard file transfer protocol (FTP) in binary format. This method works best when resources do not change often.
  • Use the Network File System (NFS) mount command to make OS/390 or MVS systems containing resources accessible to the AIX server that InfoPrint Manager is running on. Because this solution can cause a great deal of network traffic, you should be careful when choosing this solution if your resources change frequently.
  • Use Download for z/OS to submit a resource instead of a print job and send it to all print resource libraries defined on your InfoPrint Manager server. This method requires you to customize your MVS Download Receiver exits and configuration.

When you use the MVS Download Receiver function in InfoPrint Manager with AFP Download Plus for z/OS, the resources for the print jobs are normally sent with the print job as inline resources used for that job and the resources do not need to reside on the InfoPrint Manager server. How