Sizing your InfoPrint Manager environment

The number of InfoPrint Manager servers you need depends on many factors. In this section, we provide only an overview of the most important performance issues that can influence your server purchase plans. To begin, the features and configurations of each InfoPrint Manager server system are extremely important. Important server factors that affect printing system performance include these:

  • Processor speed
  • Number of processors
  • Available RAM
  • Available hard disk space
  • Hard disk speed
  • Number of hard disk drives
  • Balance of InfoPrint Manager filesystems across available disk drives
  • Tuning specifications for hard disk drivers
  • Paging space allocations (drive locations and size)
  • Number of data paths (single or dual)

The output devices that InfoPrint Manager drives are also important:

  • Speed and resolution of printers or other output devices
  • Number of concurrent processes for each actual destination
  • Number of output devices per actual destination

Finally, how you submit print jobs to each