apped utility: starts the apped daemon


apped [-C ConfigurationFile]


Use the apped utility to start the apped daemon. The apped daemon manages the APPE processor portion of the InfoPrint PDF transform programs. You must start the apped daemon somewhere on the network before you can use the ps2afp or pdf2afp transform command to transform PDF data streams for printing with InfoPrint on IPDS and InfoPrint 4100 printers.

The startsrv or start_server utility automatically starts the apped daemon if it is installed and not running.

If the apped daemon stops running, you can restart it by issuing the following command:

apped -C /usr/lpp/psf/ps2afp/apped.cfg

InfoPrint Manager uses the apped daemon configuration file to determine the default parameters of the apped daemon. The /usr/lpp/psf/ps2afp/apped.cfg file is installed with InfoPrint Manager, and InfoPrint Manager uses it as the default configuration file. You can, however, copy the configuration file, use an editor to edit the copy of the file, and rename it so that you can customize the apped daemon for your applications. After you make the modifications, you specify the new configuration file with the -C flag of the ps2afp transform command when you transform PDF files.

APPE supports only job level changes to the configuration files. Other changes must be accompanied by a daemon restart to come into effect.