mvsprsd utility: starts the MVS download receiver daemon


mvsprsd -pPortNumber -d FileSystem [-d FileSystem ...] [n -1] 
[-x ShellScript] [-X Additional exit parameters] [-q destination] [-k] [-B] 
[-H HostCodePage] [-L LocalCodePage][-t] [-w] [-e]


Use the mvsprsd utility to start the MVS Download Receiver daemon. This daemon receives the data that Download for z/OS sends from the Job Entry Subsystem (JES) spool on an MVS system.

You can specify that the mvsprsd daemon starts whenever the system starts by including the mvsprsd command in one of the files that are executed when the AIX or Linux operating system is initialized. The two types of files that are read during AIX or Linux initialization are /etc/rc files and the /etc/inittab files.

If the mvsprsd daemon stops running for some reason, you can restart it by issuing this command:

/usr/lpp/psf/bin/mvsprsd -p PortNumber -d FileSystem -x ShellScript
   -q destination -k

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