DBCS ASCII data and EUC data

If you are printing DBCS (double-byte) ASCII or Extended UNIX Code (EUC) data:

  • Specify -odatatype=dbcsascii for DBCS ASCII or -odatatype=dbcsascii -o-e for EUC with the enq, lp, qprt, or lprafp command; or allow InfoPrint to identify the data type.
  • InfoPrint automatically runs the db2afp transform command.
  • You can use these db2afp flags on the command line with enq, lp, qprt or lprafp:
    • -o-e
    • -o-lja
    • -o-lch
    • -o-lko (EUC only)
    For information about these flags, see db2afp command: transforms DBCS data to AFP.
You cannot use the db2afp -o flag to specify an output file.
Note: The db2afp transform must be installed on the workstation where InfoPrint is insta