JPEG data

If you are printing JPEG data:

  • Specify -odatatype=jpeg with the enq, lp, qprt, or lprafp command; or allow InfoPrint to identify the data type.
  • InfoPrint automatically runs the jpeg2afp transform command.
  • You can use these jpeg2afp options on the command line with enq, lp, qprt, or lprafp. For those options that accept a value, do not put a blank between the option and the value.
    • -o-aImageType
    • -o-algProcessingAlgorithms
    • -o-CConfigurationFile
    • -o-cmpcompression
    • -o-cmrcolorResourceName
    • -o-cropCropFactors
    • -o-fit{trim | scale}
    • -o-force
    • -o-gcorrGrayscaleMappingTable
    • -o-jScanOffsetFileName
    • -o-l