Designates which persons InfoPrint notifies of specific events related to this queue, and how InfoPrint notifies them.

GUI label

Notification profile


Resettable, multi-valued, complex


-x "notification-profile={event-identifiers=eventdelivery-address=name@node delivery-method=value
   event-comment='some text' locale=locale}"

For example:

-x "notification-profile={event-identifiers=queue-state-changed
   object-cleaned delivery-address=Kathy@test delivery-method=message
   event-comment='Better check' locale=En_US.IBM-850}"

You can omit any of these components.


  • event-identifiers

    Specifies the events for which the person receives messages.

    • GUI label


    • Type


    • Allowed Values

      You can enter queue events listed for the server events-supported attribute.

    • Default Value

      object-cleaned, object-deleted, queue-backlogged

  • delivery-address

    Specifies the address of the person who receives the event messages or the directory location and file name where InfoPrint stores the message.

    • GUI label


    • Type


    • Allowed Values

      You can enter a text string that contains the user name and node (optional) of the person that receives the information or the path to the directory and file name.

    • Default Value

      The login ID of the person who created this queue.

    • Usage Guidelines

      You must specify a value for delivery-address if you specify a value of file, file-add-to, exit, or wireless for the delivery-method component.

  • delivery-method

    Specifies how the user receives the event messages.

    • GUI label