Configuring an actual destination

When configuring an actual destination with the InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI, it is important to include the name of the color mapping table. Use this procedure to configure an actual destination to use the appropriate color mapping table:
  1. From the InfoPrint Administration Servers main window, enable the appropriate actual destination (in this case, NewP, as shown below) by right-clicking the actual destination and then selecting Enable.
  2. Ensure that the Color mapping table (pie1.set) has been specified on the AFP Color tab of the Printer Properties notebook and that the Location of resources (/usr/lpp/psf/config/) has been specified on the AFP Resources tab.
  3. Submit your job to InfoPrint Manager, using either the command line or the InfoPrint Select client.

    Using the InfoPrint Select client to submit a job

    There are 3 ways to designate a color mapping table when using InfoPrint Select: