Preventing InfoPrint from using GRID files

If you have obtained a 300-pel printer but print 240-pel jobs, the printer-resident fonts might have different line spacings and endings in the printed output. For some types of billing statements, these line endings are inappropriate. You can solve this problem by preventing InfoPrint from using the GRID files. This prevents the use of the printer-resident fonts. Perform this procedure:
  1. Using the AIXmv command, rename your customized GRID files. For example, if you are in the /var/psf/PrinterName directory and you want to rename the charset.grd to charset.grd.bak, enter:
    mv charset.grd charset.grd.bak
  2. Copy the /usr/lpp/psf/grd/charset.grd.sample file to charset.grd in the /var/psf/PrinterName directory.
  3. Using an AIX editor, such as vi, edit the copied