Printing data sets from an MVS system through MVS Download Receiver

This section contains information about setting up and using the MVS Download Receiver daemon supplied with InfoPrint Manager to print MVS jobs on InfoPrint-managed printers. The MVS jobs must come from an MVS system that has the Download for z/OS or AFP Download Plus feature of IBM Print Services Facility for z/OS program product installed.

The InfoPrint MVS Download Receiver daemon allows MVS users to print data sets from the MVS JES spool on InfoPrint-managed printer devices. The MVS data sets contain MO:DCA data. With Download for z/OS, you can also print MVS data sets containing PostScript data or data in any of the other formats supported by InfoPrint.

The PSF for z/OS Download feature uses a routing-control data set residing on the MVS system to map any combination of the