Sending a job using Download for z/OS

You have created an AFP document using a page layout application and are using Download for z/OS to send it to the InfoPrint 5000.

Download for z/OS automatically sends data from the job entry subsystem (JES) spool to remote systems using TCP/IP. This eliminates the need for manual print file transfer using File Transfer Protocol. A cooperating print server running on a remote system receives the data sets for printing with InfoPrint Manager for AIX . For most jobs, you can use the same job control language (JCL) that you would use for non-AFP printers, changing only the MVS routing information to direct your job to the InfoPrint 5000.

Note: You can use InfoPrint's Page Printer Formatting Aid (PPFA) to create form definitions and page definitions when creating the data stream. See the RICOH Software Information Center at