Basic server option

The basic printing environment is generally appropriate for commercial print shops printing large runs of image data (usually in PostScript or TIFF format). Users submit these jobs from a client (Windows or Mac OS X) personal computer using InfoPrint Submit Express.

In a basic printing environment, InfoPrint Manager assigns jobs to printers through early binding. Early binding is much like standing in a checkout line at a supermarket. Once you pick the line, you “bind” yourself to it, no matter what happens. Whether the cashier has a problem with the cash register (much like a paper jam occurring in the physical printer) or a customer in front of you requires a few price checks (much like adding new forms to the server), the only way to change your position is to physically move to another line (much like manually moving a print job from one print queue to another).

Note: To use the basic view of the GUI instead of the standard view, see “Using the basic view of the GUI” in the RICOH InfoPrint Manager for AIX: Getting Started