Standard server environment

When you install the InfoPrint Manager server, a standard printing environment is created. This environment is generally appropriate for data center printing or distributed printing of many different types of data (including ASCII, line data, ditroff, GIF, JPEG, PCL, PDF, PostScript, XML, and TIFF data). Print jobs in the standard environment often consist of billing statements, payroll statements, and application forms. Users submit these jobs from a command line, a workstation application (such as a word processor), or an InfoPrint client (such as InfoPrint Select).

In a standard printing environment, InfoPrint Manager assigns jobs to printers through late binding. Late binding is much like going to a crowded restaurant and being put on a waiting list for the next available table: you are not “bound” to a particular table until one becomes available. You might have special requirements, such as a non-smoking table with six places (much like a print job that requires document finishing capabilities or a particular paper size), but the hostess (much like the scheduler on the InfoPrint server) handles these qualifications for you.