Connecting to the InfoPrint 5000 or RICOH Pro VC hot folder

To connect to a printer hot folder from InfoPrint Manager for Linux, you need to issue a mount command.
To issue a mount command:
  1. Log in as root.
  2. Enter this command for models AS1 and AS3:
    >mount -t cifs //printer_IPAdress/simplex/ /mnt -o username=Administrator
  3. Enter this command for models AD1/AD2, AD3/AD4, AD3/AD4-XR3, KM3, KM3/MD4, MD3/MD4, RICOH Pro VC40000, RICOH Pro VC60000, RICOH Pro VC70000, and RICOH Pro VC80000:
    mount -t cifs //printer_IPAdress/duplex/ /mnt -o username=Administrator
  4. Press Enter when prompted to enter a password.
Note: If either InfoPrint Manager for Linux or the printer is shut down, you need to issue the mount command again.