Resubmitting a retained job for reprint

Use this procedure to resubmit retained jobs for reprinting.
  1. Open the InfoPrint Manager Operations GUI or the InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI.
  2. In the Retained Jobs area, select the job you want to resubmit for reprinting.
    Note: To prevent the job from printing immediately after it gets in the queue, see Stopping the job .
  3. Click Job → Move Job to open the Move Job dialog.
    Note: If the Move Job item does not appear in the Job menu, go to Add/Remove Menu Items to add it.
  4. In the Move Job dialog, select a destination from the list. You can select the same printer the job was printing on before or a different printer.
  5. Click OK to resubmit the job to the selected destination. If the job is accepted, it gets in the queue and waits to be printed.
    Note: If the job was previously stopped, see Restarting the job.