Stopping, restarting, or pausing a job that is currently printing

Use this procedure to stop printing a job and start printing it again or to stop printing a job, move it to a different printer, and start printing again. If you are printing an AFP print job, you can also use this procedure to stop printing a job and start it again from any page in the job, not just from the beginning.

This procedure does NOT stop the printer; it only stops the job you select.

Once the job is stopped, the next job in the queue will start to print. If you need to stop the printer (for example, to replace toner), use the procedure Stopping a printer to perform scheduled maintenance.

  • Refer to the online help in the InfoPrint Manager GUI if you need instructions on completing any of these steps.

When you use the Stopping the job procedure, InfoPrint Manager considers the job cancelled and does not collect any checkpoint information about the job. Unless the operator changes the page range before releasing the job to print again, the job restarts printing at page 1. Be sure to remember any n-upping associated with the job when selecting the page range so that the pages are placed into the correct partition in relation to each other. You might want to use this procedure when you realize that a job has started to print on the wrong form.