Mapping TrueType fonts

If the AFP document you are converting to PDF contains TrueType fonts, you can create a smaller PDF document by adding the TrueType fonts to the ttdef.fnt file.

When you add the TrueType fonts to the ttdef.fnt file, you need to include details about the fonts, such as familyname, style, or weight.

Listing TrueType fonts in the ttdef.fnt file is especially useful when you have DBCS TrueType fonts that are over 25 megabytes each. The afp2pdf transform allows you to map the DBCS TrueType fonts to Type0 fonts. By adding the DBCS TrueType Font to the ttdef.fnt file and setting the familyname to JpnSys1 or JpnSys2, the afp2pdf transform maps the DBCS TrueType font to either KozGoPro-Medium or KozMinPro-Regular.

The afp2pdf transform uses this search order for TrueType fonts:

  1. The ttdef.fnt file is searched for the code page and character set pair.
  2. The afp2pdf transform searches the TrueType font in the specified TT_FONT_PATH.
  3. If the client is unable to locate the TrueType font, a message is be issued, the afp2pdf transform uses the default font listed with the DEFAULT = option in the ttdef.fnt file.