Using the configuration file for TrueType fonts

The afp2pdf transform uses a configuration file called ttdef.fnt to support TrueType fonts.

The ttdef.fnt file is similar to the csdef.fnt file. You use the ttdef.fnt file to map each TrueType font to a known Type 1 or Type 0 font.

The syntax of the ttdef.fnt file uses the same rules that are defined by the csdef.fnt, where comments are defined as ‘;'. The Full Font Name is extracted from the x'02' triplet (FQNType is x'DE') of the Map Data Resource (MDR). The Full Font Name is used to search the ttdef.fnt and the resource name when issuing the open_input handler command.

The encoding of the ttdef.fnt should be UTF-8 to make sure all font names can be rendered within the file. The familyname must convert to ANSI without any characters lost if aliasing for font name is used.

For example:

  • ttdef.fnt
  • ;full font name = familyname,style,weight,italic
  • Times New Roman=TimesNewRoman,ROMAN,MED,1
  • MS Gothic=JpnSys,SWISS,MED,0
  • MS Mincho=JpnSys2,ROMAN,MED,0
  • DEFAULT=TimesNewRoman,ROMAN,MED,1

The ttdef.fnt file is located in these directories:

On AIX or Linux:
On Windows: