The -o flag for AIX print commands and the InfoPrint Manager lprafp command

You can use the AIX print commands, enq, lp, and qprt, to print jobs.

AIX uses the -o flag on the AIX print commands or on the InfoPrintlprafp command to pass information to the backend program. This program handles the details of printing or sending your job.

-o flag not valid on pdpr command

You cannot use the -o flag on the InfoPrintpdpr command, nor can you use it to specify InfoPrint object attributes. Use the -o keywords only on the AIX print commands enq, lp, and qprt or the InfoPrintlprafp command.

Similar or equivalent InfoPrint object attributes are listed for each -o flag keyword. Use these attributes only on the pdpr command.

To pass flags or options to a transform command when you submit DBCS ASCII, EUC, GIF, JPEG, line-data, PCL, PDF, PostScript, or TIFF files with the pdpr command, use the InfoPrintother-transform-options document attribute instead of the -o flag.

This information is provided for the -o flag: