When you need to map fonts

If you are using fonts that are not defined for the afp2pdf transform, if you have modified the IBM AFP fonts, or if you have created your own AFP fonts, you need to define those fonts in the font definition files:
  • If you created a new coded font or renamed one, you need to define the coded font in the Coded Font File (icoded.fnt or coded.fnt).
  • If you created a new character set, you must define it in the Character Set Definition File (csdef.fnt).
  • If you created a new code page, you must define it in the Code Page Definition File (cpdef.fnt).
  • If you have created a new code page or modified a code page by moving characters, you need to create a new Code Page Map File (icudt38l_ibm-CPGID_*.cnv ).
  • If you have only modified an existing IBM font component, such as by deleting code points in the IBM code page, you might not need to do any of the these definitions.