The afp2pdf transform files supplied for mapping fonts

The next table lists the afp2pdf transform font support files and the subdirectories in which they are installed.

afp2pdf font support files

File File Name Subdirectory Description
Coded Font File icoded.fnt


FONT Specifies which AFP code page and AFP font character set make up the coded font.
Character Set Definition File csdef.fnt FONT Defines AFP character set attributes, such as point size. It also maps the font character set to the font global identifier.
Code Page Definition File cpdef.fnt FONT Maps each AFP code page to a Web browser character set and indicates which Code Page Map File to use for the afp2pdf transform.
Code Page Map File icudt34l_ibm-CPGID_*.cnv CNV The .CNV files for ICU UCONV are used for character conversion.
Alias File alias.fnt FONT Maps the font type families to an associated font metric file; also maps the font family type to be used during the transform.
Font Metric Information File fontname.AFM FONT then AFM